PMC-015EX Master Clock Generator

Generous power supply
In order to make full use of the OCXO generator, we built a discrete high capacity analog power supply that uses a high-capacity 160VA toroidal transformer, 330000uF capacitors and high-speed, low noise SiC Schottky diode.

Internal wire management
We collaborated with Acoustic Revive to use their PC-Triple C elliptical wiring. Finemet beads and saturable cores are used in appropriate place.

Robust chassis
15mm thickness front panel and 3mm thickness aluminum body, the robust chassis eliminates unwanted vibration and external noise to the utmost. Transformer is shielded and OCXO is floated from chassis to avoid vibration.

Output: 10MHz sinewave
Output terminal: BNC 50Ω x 1
Output level: 13 dBm
Size (WxDxH)/ Weight: 390 x 327 x 101 / 7.8kg