DSP-050EX Network Music Player

ES9038Pro for D/A conversion
Twin left and right ES9038Pro are used for D/A conversion. The ESS DAC no longer relies on internal jitter removal, running in perfect sync with signal input. The high-fidelity clock and scrupulously arranged clock wiring and architecture ensure perfectly synchronized, jitter-free audio.

Outstanding low phase noise clock
The unit features an outstanding low phase noise (120dBc/Hz @ 10Hz) TCXO, with the clock architecture deploying a specialized IC that achieves jitter below 100fs(femtoseconds:1/1000 of a picosecond).In addition, the DAC’s master clock is delivered by differential wiring. No effort is spared to stop jitter in its tracks.

Supported formats
PCM : 44.1kHz –384kHz 16/24/32bit (fixed / float)
AIFF, WAV, FLAC, ALAC (352.8kHz, 384kHz non-compression only)
DSD : DSD64/128/256 (2.8MHz, 5.6MHz, 11.2MHz) 1bit dsf, diff
Gapless playback is supported in all format.

Software updates
The digital controller is driven by an ARM11 microcomputer and FPGA. Network-based software updates allow your device to always enjoy the latest features and functionality –this means our products continue to evolve even after you’ve purchased them.

Rear Panel
Main Switch at bottom
When Network connected, LED turns blue.

Output: RCA, XLR (2-hot, 3-cold) 2Vrms
Input: LAN RJ45
Clock input: BNC 50Ω10MHz
Size (WxDxH)/ Weight: 435 x 332 x 80mm / 8.0kg