Vacuum Disk Mate (Product photo)

Vacuum Disk Mate (Parts photo)

A long time ago, Audio Technica produced similar Vacuum Stabilizer of the record.
Now i-qual renewed and improved tolls and parts one by one for the product to be completed.
Put the RUBBER COATED PURE MAGNESIUM MAT on your turntable and put the record. Set up the SUCTION COLLAR on the level of record. Connect SUCTION tube to COLLAR and vacuum the air in the space between the record and mat to stabilize the record.
SUCTION UNIT drive with battery driven (9V x1) pump. 1 battery drives the pump 200 times. Evacuate the air 30 secs. And keep 40 min stabilization of the record.
980g metal adapter support stickiness. It is Simple and Easy.

MAT 305mm 7mm thickness/660g.
SUCTION UNIT WHD 68x120x62/380g

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VACUM DISK MATE IQ1300A English Brochure

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Instruction Manual(English)