Nelson Hold Headshell

Cartridge is generally fastened to headshell by two screws, however, the central part where the magnetic circuit exists, which is the heart of a cartridge,cannot tightly be supported. So we added the third screw to forge the centeral part of a cartridge, and that is the Nelson Hold with the structure pinioning cartridge. Elimination of unnecessary resonance by integrating completely with the cartridge body placing the finger hook in the head direction, pure silver 4N lead wire and rhodium plating terminal, double fixing pin equipped brings out the value.


The conventional structure of the head shell was to fix the back side of the cartridge and the bottom side of the head shell, that is, the face and the face with two screws. In this case, if you tighten the screw strongly, the stress concentrates around the screw and the center part where the magnetic circuit which is the heart part of the cartridge exists is close to the state where it is floating.
Nelson Hold has a third screw that holds down the center of the cartridge from above. This greatly increases the purity of the sound.
By Nelson Hold is meant a diaphragm in English, but it exactly supports the cartridges and holds them tightly.


Integrated fingers and arranged in front, structure excluding resonance to the limit.
Adopt a cryogenically treated 4N pure silver wire for lead wires.
Double locking pin prevents backlash during installation.
Highly reliable rhodium-plated terminal adopted.
Total length: 97 mm Weight: 12.5 g Material: Aluminum