KIT HIT made  a super tweeter using innovative sound output element in collaboration with Kyushu Institute of Technology.
The sound output element contains super thin electroactive polymer vibration plates called “diaphragm” in micron level of thickness. Music signals on high voltage changing makes vibration to the surface of “diaphragm” uniformly. Sound response is super high speed. To compare with conventional material for the super twitter “Piezoelectric ceramic”, Dynamic range is 20 times bigger.
Wide bandwidth is up to 100kHz, it is excellent for the reproduction of harmonic overtones in high frequencies such as vocal music and musical instruments.
In result, sound presence and power is as listening real live performance of the artist.

Japanese MUSIC WEB Magazine BARKS chief editor MR. Karasma wrote how high frequency sound more than 20kHz affects to human emotions. Click LINK!
Inaudible high frequency sounds affect brainactivity-hypersonic-effect