A further evolved, with over 40 years of time, Double Knife Edge Tone Arm WE-4700 (Recommended retail price US$12,500-13,500)

SAEC Commerce Co., Ltd. will release WE-4700, a double knife edge tone arm. The WE-4700 is a modern version of the tone arm from the prototype WE-407/23, which was developed 40 years ago with all our effort. We have made use of the technology we cultivated in WE-407/23, and worked on development in pursuit of limit performance. WE-407/23 was built by the cutting edge technology and craftsmanship of that time, but WE-4700 is not just imitated, but built up from scratch and still keeping our basic philosophy towards creating things by hands, and made it a reborn tone arm.

Product Outline

An important requirement given to the tone arm for record play is to accurately transmit the musical signal picked up by the phono cartridge to the phono amplifier. For this reason, we developed a unique double knife edge method with highest sensitivity and rigidity. However, in order to obtain the accuracy with the processing technology of 40 years ago, the assembly and complicated adjustment by a skilled craftsman were essential. WE-4700 internally manufactures all the parts necessary for the tone arm as well as the main parts making up the double knife edge. In addition, the double knife edge mechanism, which holds the key to WE-4700, performs an ultra-precision processing by micron order using the latest cutting technology and further enhances its operation property and rigid feeling. Another important feature is to pay attention to the transmission of weak signals by using PC-Triple C, which is unprecedentedly high conduction performance, for the internal wiring and an original specification cable by using porous natural materials for the insulating materials. WE-4700, foreseeing a new beginning with modern knowledge and technology, brings out the capabilities of the phono cartridge to the utmost and presents an unknown world of analog audio that has never been experienced before.



・Improved the accuracy of major parts using the latest processing technology, and succeeded in drawing out the spread of dynamic range and distortion-free play sound.

・Employing PC-Triple C conductor for internal wiring material and using the porous natural material for insulating material improved the conduction property and enhanced the reproducibility of weak signals as well as reproducing a vast stereo image and a sense of depth.

・Newly employing a collet chuck method for the arm base made the adjustment of the arm height done easily, and enhanced the rigidity of the arm shaft, which will create a stable sound.

・It reproduces sound with highly ranged, as well as the adaptability to a wide range of phono cartridges is improved with a highly rigid duralumin head shell.

・Two kinds of counterweights allow the mounting of the most commercially available cartridges from 13g to 35g.



・Formality : Consield double knife edge static balance type

・Total length : Max 311mm

・Overhang : 12mm

・Tracking error : 0 degree at inner circumference

・Diameter of mounting hole : 30mm

・Possible mounting plate thickness : 30mm

・Compatible cartridges : 13 to 35g (including head shell)  It comes standard with 2 types of weights.

・Head shell made by Duralumin (Self-weight 16g) as standard equipment

・Phono (Arm output power)  Cable is separately sold. SAEC pure phono cable SCX-5000 series is recommended.

* Mounting position and diameter of mounting hole are the same size as the ones of WE-407.

* LUXMAN PD-171A/PD-171AL can be mounted to the arm base (OPPD-AB4) exclusive for WE-407/23.